Not just for barns any more!

Laurel Barn Quilts

The Barn Quilt revival started back in 2001 just up the road from
us in Adams County, Ohio when Donna
Sue Groves
wanted to hang a painted quilt design on her families tobacco barn in honor of her mother Maxine who is a master quilter. And gathered others in the county to do the same, assembling a "clothsline of quilts" across the county. Barn Quilt Trails can now be found in over 40 states across the country.

Farm sign and quilt hung at the Satterfield family compound in Adams County, Ohio. So proud to be part of this one!


5'x5' Drunkards Path headed to upstate New York for Christmas!



Presenting Jo Hall of Hilltop Designs her Double Wedding Ring
at the Donna Sue Groves Appreciation Event



Custom 3x3 Carolina Lillies hung on an old log home

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       Ohio Star                  Spools            Crossed Canoes

    1x1 Carolina Lily                18x18 Honey Bee      2x2 Carpenters Wheel

         Many sizes and designs available or custom design your own!

4'x4' Barn Quilts for Sale

A good ole fashioned barn quilt raising with three
generations at the Hardyman headquarters in Ripley, Ohio.



An 8x8 and two 4x4's in Ripley, Ohio


Custom 6x6 Bear Paw

Custom Honey Bee House address sign


  Custom 3' x 3' Ohio Star         Custom 3' x 3' Double Ohio Star


Sycamore High School Craft Fair

Nautical Welcome sign heading to their New York lake house. 

Riverdays at the Front Street Cafe!


Dog Day's Weekend in Rabbit Hash, Ky


Ohio Star in Georgetown, Ohio


Honey Bee House with Bees
Available in all sizes.

           Custom Bear Paw to match family quilt  
Winter Trees                                                          Ichthys Fish

3' x 3' Honey Bee House                                3'x 3' Ohio Star
1' x 1' Owls
Barn Wood Framed Items

                Apple Tree                       Nautical Flag                      Crossed Flowers                     Welcome Sign
Apple Basket 18" x 18"                Flag with Ohio Star                     Carolina Lillies



   8' x 8' Repainted for Southern State Community College


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